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The only makeup remover product you'll ever need

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This is a unique product that removes all your makeup with just warm water. Save time and money with this one affordable cloth.

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These video reviews show real people removing their makeup with just warm water and this amazing cloth. Watch for yourself.

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The Only Makeup Remover You’ll Ever Need

MUE Lifestyle is a product line from the creators of Makeup Eraser. It’s a skin care line of products that are Leaping Bunny approved. This means that all the products are animal safe and cruelty free!

The MUE Lifestyle product line is continually expanding, and below you can get some more information on the various products currently offered.

For a list of all of the products offered by MUE Lifestyle see the MUE Lifestyle Catalog.

Makeup Eraser (MUE)

Makeup Eraser

The Makeup Eraser is a unique cloth (not micro-fiber), that gentle removes all your makeup with just warm water. It works because of the special weave of the fiber, and it’s completely reusable. You simply toss it into the wash to clean it. It lasts 1,000 washes!

There’s no need to buy disposable makeup remover products and worry about staining your washcloths. Plus, it’s small and easy to store, making it perfect to toss in your purse, or bag, to take along with you everywhere.

Learn more about the Makeup Eraser and purchase your own today.

Sudsy Sweets (formerly Soapy Bliss)

Sudsy Sweets Bath Bombs

The Sudsy Sweets line of products features some amazing items like bath bombs, bath candies, sugar scrubs, and more.

Rest assured, all of our Bath and Body Treats are Phthalate free, Sulfate free, Gluten free AND Paraben free.


AmpliLashAmpliLash is one of the newer products to the MUE Lifestyle line. It’s a mascara that will amplify your lashes. The process is simple, takes under a minute, and you will have amazing lashes.

AmpliLash is a rich, black, amplifying fiber that lasts all day and night. There’s no clumping, no flaking, no smudging, and no irritation.

This awesome product sells for only $28.


Pozz'd Triple PackPozz’d is a skin care line of products that are toxic free and made with organic ingredients. These products will help defy the signs of aging and restore a youthful beauty to your skin.

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With less than 1,400 Distributors (aka Consultants) nationwide, NOW is the time to join and become a MUE distributor! You’ll find a lot of incentives, including monetary bonuses, free cloths, and even a chance to win trips!

Makeup Eraser JobThere are two starter kits to choose from, starting at $25, making it extremely affordable to get in on the opportunity. Once you choose your kit you’re ready to start selling. You will also be able to sell the other MUE Lifestyle products like AmpliLash and Pozz’d.

Interested in earning money but not ready to buy a Starter Kit? The free Brand Affiliate program is a great way to start your business with this entrepreneurial company! You won’t have to pay anything to join, and you can start making money right away.

Retail Locations

Do you have a retail location where you would like to sell the MUE Lifestyle products? If so then you can stock these great products at your store!

Be sure to read more about setting up a MUE Lifestyle retail account.

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Be sure to check out the blog where you can find information on special promotions, like joining the team, as well as purchasing the great products we offer.

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If you have any questions about the products, the wholesale program for retailers, or the career opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will respond as soon as possible to all inquiries.

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The Only Makeup Remover You’ll Ever Need
5 (100%) 15 votes

Hi, I'm Stacy, Executive Distributor (Level 4) for the Makeup Eraser. I joined in August 2014 and quickly promoted to Executive - only about 30 in the company have achieved this, placing me in the top 2%!

My team of ladies AND guys are in states from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast including Maine, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Tennessee, California and Georgia.

Before joining, I researched the product and company for about a month and have to say- this product really does work! It's so easy - so no more excuses for waking up with raccoon eyes!

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