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Become a Makeup Eraser Distributor or Brand Affiliate

The Career Opportunity for selling the Makeup Eraser as a distributor is only for US Residents and US Territories including Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and overseas on military bases for those who are proudly serving Our Country.


Makeup Eraser Distributor

With less than 2,700 Distributors and Brand Affiliates, aka: Consultants nationwide, NOW is the time to join and become a Makeup Eraser distributor! When you join my team, you can earn money via your free website, in-person sales and local events, fundraisers and an important difference compared to most direct sales companies: by establishing retail accounts at independently owned spas, salons, boutiques and other shops.

Distributor Benefits and Features

Free Website – Unlike other companies who charge you for a website, you get it for free. That’s more money in your pocket to put towards other parts of your business!

No Annual Enrollment Fees – Along with your free website, there’s no annual fee for your back office support including access to professional ads!

No Monthly Quotas – With no sales quotas to deal with you are free of the stress of having to reach certain goals and the need to consistently perform month after month. We do have an auto-ship of six units per month.

No Territories – It doesn’t matter if you’re the first in your city to sell the Makeup Eraser or the 10th because your sales are not restricted to where you live.

No Long Term Commitment – There’s no stressful contract forcing you into any term commitment with the company.

Two Starter Kits to choose from starting at $25 – It’s affordable to get started selling the Makeup Eraser. The $25 kit will qualify you as a Distributor so you can begin your new career!

No large product portfolio to memorize or stock – With just a few key products you don’t have to worry about remembering all sorts of details and buying catalogs. You can focus on just selling our flagship product Makeup Eraser or sharing our expanded offerings coming Summer 2015.

Makeup Eraser offers lots of incentives including monetary bonus, free Makeup Erasers, a chance to earn a FREE TRIP to Cabo, and even a Tesla Car!

Curious about the opportunity? Like to join the team? Contact me!

Makeup Eraser Brand Affiliate Program

Interested in earning money by representing Makeup Eraser, but not ready to buy a Starter Kit? The free Brand Affiliate Program is a great way to start your business with this entrepreneurial company!

As a Brand Affiliate, you’ll earn $4 for each Makeup Eraser sold via your free website and you can purchase Makeup Erasers to sell in-person at a special bulk rate. You can’t recruit or build a team or set up retail accounts, but it’s an easy way to “kick the tires” and save up for your Distributor Starter Kit if you’d like to!

Brand Affiliate Program Features

Free Website – Start getting orders the same day you setup your free Brand Affiliate account.

No Enrollment Fee – You don’t have to pay to be a Makeup Eraser Brand Affiliate – it’s free

No Starter Kit to Buy – With nothing to buy all your sales are pure profit.

No Quotas – There’s no monthly quotas to worry about. Having an off month? That’s fine! To remain active, you just need at least one sale every 60 days.

No Territories – You’re able to sell to anywhere regardless of where you live.

Work from Home – Drive traffic to your website and make sales from the comfort of your own home.

It’s so easy to become a Makeup Eraser Brand Affiliate on my team! Click on the previous link and select the Free Brand Affiliate Program option.

Interested, but not sure yet? Contact me!

Your Free Website

Your website will be live as soon as you enroll, so figure out what you would like for a website name. Example: Once you’re enrolled, share your website link with family and friends and start earning!

Why Join My Team?

I’m here to help you grow your business. I train all of my team members so you are armed with the best information possible. I want to help you succeed and I’m readily available for any questions you have and to offer you help.

I joined in August 2014 and have already promoted to National Sales Director- only about 30 in the company have achieved this 3rd tier level, placing me in the top 2%! My team of ladies AND guys are in more than 18 states including Texas, New Jersey, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, California, New York, Nevada and Georgia. I share exclusive tips and training with my team and I’ll help you succeed, too!

In 2016 I attended the Makeup Eraser convention in Arizona, and I came home with three awards.

  • 2016 Top Recruiter Award
  • 2016 Top International Reseller Accounts Award
  • 2016 Top Performer Appreciation Award
My awards from the 2016 convention.

My awards from the 2016 convention.

By joining my team I will help you succeed with your own business.


If you have a retail location in United States or one of the many countries we ship to and would like to sell the Makeup Eraser then read more about setting up a retail account.

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