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Makeup Eraser Reviews

Here are some Makeup Eraser reviews showcasing it’s amazing ability to remove makeup with just warm water. It’s chemical free and safe on your skin.

None of the Makeup Eraser reviews are paid for or solicited. These are real people.


This video is of me showing the Makeup Eraser compared to makeup wipes. The video speaks for itself.


The Doctors

The Doctors put the popular makeup removing cloth to the test. Does it really work better than water and a washcloth? You have to see it to believe it!


Review + Demo

This is a great review by Andrew giving his first impressions of the Makeup Eraser as well as giving a demo.

Makeup Eraser Cloth/Demo

Does the Makeup Eraser cloth really work? It’s like a magic eraser, but it’s really the proprietary poly blend cloth’s special weave that removes ALL makeup with just warm water. Check it out!


Bunny: Does This Thing Really Work?

Bunny demonstrates just how easy it is to remove makeup.

Jamei June: Eraser Your Makeup in Seconds

Jamei is at Flawless Beauty Bar and they explain how the Makeup Eraser works as well as a demonstration of Jamei removing her makeup with the cloth.

Face Paint is No Match

Watch this really short, yet convincing, video of a lady removing all of her face paint with this one simple cloth.

Remove Face Paint

Another short video showing how easily face paint comes off with this amazing product.

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Makeup Eraser Reviews
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Hi, I'm Stacy, Executive Distributor (Level 4) for the Makeup Eraser. I joined in August 2014 and quickly promoted to Executive - only about 30 in the company have achieved this, placing me in the top 2%!

My team of ladies AND guys are in states from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast including Maine, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Tennessee, California and Georgia.

Before joining, I researched the product and company for about a month and have to say- this product really does work! It's so easy - so no more excuses for waking up with raccoon eyes!

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Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

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