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Makeup Eraser Retail

Are you a retailer? Do you own a salon, spa, beauty supply store or some other business where you feel the Makeup Eraser (MUE), or any of the other MUE Lifestyle products, would be a good product to stock?

If you are then good news. You can sell the Makeup Eraser and MUE Lifestyle products from your retail location whether it’s in the United States or South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Kuwait, United Kingdom and more – any country we currently ship to can sell it!

There’s no fee to set up a Makeup Eraser retail account. I can set you up with a retail account and you can begin selling this great product from your store.

Makeup Eraser Retail Benefits

  • No Setup Fee – There is no cost to become a Makeup Eraser retailer.
  • Easy Ordering and Fast Shipping – It’s simple to place orders as you need more cloths and they will arrive promptly.
  • Special Retail Pricing – You will receive a discounted rate to purchase your Makeup Erasers, allowing you to maximize your profits.
  • U.S. and International Businesses – Available to retail locations in the United States and international independently owned businesses.
  • Your Market – Makeup Eraser is not sold in big box stores which means you get to create the market for the product. This is still a relatively new product which means you will be carrying something nobody in your area is. Those who try the Makeup Eraser will love it and come back to you to purchase additional ones for themselves or as presents for friends. It’s a great opportunity!

MUE USA Minimum Order: 5 Units
MUE International Minimum Order: 20 Units

Please inquire for special wholesale pricing, pricing for other MUE Lifestyle products, and for more information.

Also, check the MUE Lifestyle Catalog for a for list of the products available.

Makeup Eraser Retail

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Makeup Eraser Retail
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Hi, I'm Stacy, Executive Distributor (Level 4) for the Makeup Eraser. I joined in August 2014 and quickly promoted to Executive - only about 30 in the company have achieved this, placing me in the top 2%!

My team of ladies AND guys are in states from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast including Maine, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Tennessee, California and Georgia.

Before joining, I researched the product and company for about a month and have to say- this product really does work! It's so easy - so no more excuses for waking up with raccoon eyes!

Income Opportunity

Are you interested in the income opportunity with Makeup Eraser? You can read up on becoming a Distributor or free Brand Affiliate.

Do you own a business and have a retail location where you would like to sell the MUE? Check out the Makeup Eraser retail program and learn about special pricing.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

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